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The Top 8 Places for Adventure Seekers

For those looking for a more thrilling adventure, these are the top places worldwide to visit. Are any of these too extreme for you?

To raise the level of adrenaline in your blood, sometimes it’s necessary to visit some unusual places with incredible nature and get some adventure experience, that you will remember for the rest of your life. Here’s a list of places you should consider if you are seeking adventure on your next trip.

Volcano surfing in Nicaragua

For young tourists or students, it is a unique experience to surf some volcanoes in Nicaragua. This is an extreme sport that you can do along the slope of the volcano Cerro Negro. The descent is carried out on the board of plywood or metal on ashes of the volcano. It will take approximately 45 minutes to climb the mountain. Before volcano surfing you should wear knee pads, eye wear, and special clothes.

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