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The Laurentians (also known as Les Laurentides) is a year-round wonderland of mountains, lakes, hiking and biking paths, quaint Quebecois villages and amazing natural history just an hour’s drive north of Montreal.

Here are seven family-friendly, fun-filled activities to highlight a visit to the Laurentians this summer:

1. Mont Tremblant National Park ­ is a haven for canoeists and kayakers (of all levels) with six rivers and 400 lakes and streams to choose from. A popular boating route is the Méandres de la Diable which you can do guided or on your own.

Also in the park are two supervised beaches: Crémaillère in the La Diable sector, and Lac-Provost in La Pimbina sector. If anyone in your group is up for something a little more challenging, consider the Via Ferrata Du Diable, a hiking-climbing path along the Vache Noire rock face, affording you incredible views when you reach the 200-m summit.

Trip tip: For a hands-on, active cultural experience, sign up for a “Rabaska Canoe” outing in the park. The rabaska is an 8-m-long boat (seating capacity of 10) used long ago by the coureurs-des-bois (runners of the woods) who trapped furs and explored the area.

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