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Most Expensive Cars in the World: Top 5

Getting one’s hands on the most expensive car is a dream many lives with. Although, only few get to live this dream, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to imagine yourself in one of those mean machines.
To feast your appetite, we are going to list the top 5 most expensive road-legal cars in the world. We are not going to mention any antique or highest auctioned cars, these are the latest and the meanest production cars, with an actual price tag.

Bugatti Chiron ($2.6 million)

Launched in February 2016 (and rumors dating from Dec 2015), the Bugatti Chiron was designed to be the most powerful, fastest and one of the most expensive car in the world. It has a 1500 hp engine which can propel the car from 0-62 mph in just 2.5 seconds. It is widely recognized that it can top 270 mph, but some argue that it can even reach 280+ mph. We will need to see a confirmed speed run, but at the moment, we think that it should credibly take the top spot of this list. Only 500 units will be produced, and at $2.6M each,it is also the fastest car in the world.

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