10 of the Weirdest Cameras Ever Made

The history of camera gear is rich, storied, and well, weird. Camera design has evolved in many different directions over time, sometimes in magnificent arcs of ingenuity and design, others in pit stops of absurd creativity or questionable judgment. Today, we’re celebrating some of the strangest stops along that journey.
We’ll limit our list to serious consumer or professional cameras; spy, toy, and gadget cameras could take us down quite a deep rabbit hole!

1. Light L16

One camera, 16 lenses, 16 sensors. The lenses are made of plastic. Some of the lenses lay on their sides. Using five 35mm lenses, five 70mm lenses, six 150mm lenses, and a lot of computational photography, the Light L16 aims to replicate DSLR quality in a miniscule package. While we’ve yet to see it in action, it’s an intriguing concept.

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