The Mazda Miata

The best performance cars that just about anyone can afford

Or if you’re really not a Mustang guy, go for the new Chevy Camaro.

Both the Mustang and the Chevy Camaro offer very similar amounts of performance and comfort. At the entry level stage, the decision to buy one over the other is pretty much down to personal preference and brand loyalty.

VW GTI. Serious when you need it. Fun when you don’t.

In the realm of performance hatchbacks, the VW GTI has almost always been the go-to. It has power when you need it, agile handling, and space for cargo and friends.

Just like the Miata, not all too much has changed. At least in regards to the car’s soul and purpose. It does the job that a GTI was always supposed to do. Get you places you have to go and move things you have to move, all while still being a reasonably usable car.

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