The Mazda Miata

The best performance cars that just about anyone can afford

A car doesn’t have to look crazy or have a insane price tag to deliver an exciting driving experience. In fact, sometimes the less power a car has, the easier it is to have fun when thrashing it around a backroad or even on your daily commute.
These eight cars will put a smile on your face, without having to dig too deep into your wallet.

The Ford Fiesta ST isn’t just your average European hatchback.

Its suspension is designed to tackle any road or race course thrown at it and its brake vectoring system will help rotate the car around corners you had no idea it could go around at speed. The Fiesta ST never ceases to amaze when being pushed to the limit, and that’s what makes it so lovable.
At about $21,000, it’s very, very hard to find a car that can trump the Fiesta ST. It’s a purpose-built smile giver.

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