The 13 Fastest Luxury Cars in the World1

The 13 Fastest Luxury Cars in the World

Luxury can be classy. It can be sleek and sexy, and it can be — and usually is — very expensive. But perhaps most important, luxury can mean fast.

Many of the world’s luxury automakers craft cars that can rival the comforts of the world’s fanciest hotels. But they also make cars that can keep step with a large contingent of the planet’s quickest vehicles as well. Though in a different segment than traditional muscle and sports cars, many luxury vehicles oftentimes straddle the line between one or more of those categories. Just because they’re comfortable and classy doesn’t mean they can’t perform on the track, right?

Such is the case with some of the luxury cars we’re looking at in this list. These are the fastest luxury sedans in the world, ranked by their time from 0-60. They have varying engine sizes, power levels, and aesthetic designs, but at the end of the day they have all proven they can perform exceptionally.

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