Are You in a Tumultuous Relationship 11 Ways to Know

Are You in a Tumultuous Relationship? 11 Ways to Know

Hang on just a second… just what is a tumultuous relationship? Well, the textbook definition is, “a relationship that is characterized by disorderly commotion; mental or emotional agitation.”

Now, you might think that applies to every relationship out there, but it doesn’t. A tumultuous relationship is when both people feel more and express more than most, which results in an overload of physical and emotional manifestations.

This can present a lot of challenges and cause unnecessary stress that you just don’t need, because let’s face it, a regular functional relationship is already hard enough.

So how do you know if you’re in a tumultuous relationship? Here are the warning signs:

1. You have lots of unresolved issues

Most couple’s problems are a result of not dealing with them as soon as they arise, ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away. The trouble is, they never do. They fester and grow and breed resentment. If you want to move forward, you have to address any obstacles that come up along the way. If this sounds like the total opposite behavior of you and your partner, you might be in a tumultuous relationship.

2. There are things about your partner that you really hate.

It’s normal to have pet peeves and bad habits that annoy you when it comes to your partner, but you shouldn’t be anywhere near hate. If you are, it’s a red flag because hatred is a really strong emotion, and if this is genuinely how you feel it could be because the two of you just aren’t well suited.

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