7 Surprising Things That Keep Your New Relationship Strong

7 Surprising Things That Keep Your New Relationship Strong

When you’re having problems with someone you’re in a serious relationship with, advice from well-meaning friends and family who don’t know the particulars of your situation sometimes aren’t as helpful as you’d like them to be. You might be willing to try anything to strengthen a relationship that means the world to you, but if all you’re hearing is Say I love you more and Don’t go to bed angry you won’t have a lot to go on.

If you’re looking for new relationship advice you can use every day, check out these seven surprising ways you can strengthen your relationship.

1. Fold laundry with each other.

According to Mary Sambrosky, founder of Be Plus One, “Working side by side on a mundane task creates a connection and symbiotic feeling” because it pushes you to function as a team. Sambrosky suggests that couples regularly fold laundry together to achieve that symbiotic feeling and couples who follow this advice typically report back to her that they even forward to that time.

You don’t necessarily have to fold laundry, but pick a household chore that you can work on together. Maybe one of you can wash the dishes while the other one dries, or you can both spend time pulling weeds in the garden. Whatever the task, focus on accomplishing it together.

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