12 Ways To Make Your Home A Wellness Sanctuary

5. Concept2 Rower

I bought this rowing machine over a decade ago and it has held up well. I use it regularly for an intense Tabata style work out and can accomplish a total body routine hitting high heart rates in a relatively short time.

6. Yoga mat and heater

I love both a peaceful yoga studio lit with candles and Kirtan music and a hot room packed with people blasting music, but the ability to bring my practice home is necessary on rushed days. Online programs are available and provide a range of styles and intensities.

7. Acupressure mat

This new addition from Nayoya has over 6,000 pressure points that can relieve stress and back pain quickly. Although it’s not a substitute for traditional acupuncture, it has been shared around my house and is getting rave reviews.

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