12 Ways To Make Your Home A Wellness Sanctuary

2. Juicer

There’s a legitimate debate over which juicer is best, but I have found that the Breville works great for me; it saves me time in terms of set up, juicing and clean up. I look forward to juicing on a regular basis because I can make, enjoy, and clean up after a great green juice, all in under 20 minutes.

3. High-tech infrared sauna

I splurged a few years ago and put this sauna in my bedroom. Did you know that sweating is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins? Having a sauna handy makes it easy to detox on a regular basis.

4. Earthing sheets and pad

At the end of my bed is a half sheet of cotton interwoven with a wire mesh that travels by a cord into a grounded plug and then the earth. The idea behind this is that earthing allows you to tap into the earth’s natural energy. I have a similar pad in front of my office computer where I may get extra energy from the earth.

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