9 Herbs and Spices to Start a Medicinal Garden at Home

With the revitalization of home food production seems to be the re-recognition of plants as powerful, natural medicines.

Without much ado, we can incorporate more natural medicines into our first aid repertoire by planting medicinal herbs and spices in our home gardens, be them container gardens, edible lawns or full-on homesteads.

By and large, just about every edible plant comes equipped with a useful slurry of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients well tuned for keeping the body sufficiently bolstered. However, there are some plants, especially certain herbs and spices, that excel in human health. Lots of them can be grown easily right at home.


Though a tropical plant, ginger works well in containers that can be moved indoors if need be. Its power with regards to stomach ailments are renown. In the kitchen, it combines well with sweet and spicy flavors, such as carrot soup or curry, and fermented ginger beer can be a great source of probiotics.

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