23 Landscaping Ideas for the Side of Your House

#4 Wild and Crazy

There is nothing better than an abundance of flowers and shrubs

One of my favorite landscaping ideas for the side of a house has to be one that includes lots of flowers, flowering shrubs, and assorted plants. I like the garden path that not only runs through the middle of the gardens, but has a few age cracks in it that add plenty of character.

You can add in a section of fence with a gate to help keep the kids and dog out in the backyard and suddenly you have completely transformed the side of your home into something spectacular.

#5 Natural River Rock and Shrubs

Smooth, clean, and environmentally friendly

Not everyone wants gardens filled with plants that take a lot of water or soil that requires constant weeding and upkeep. Not only does using natural river rock in this manner help to alleviate this problem, it helps to keep water away from the foundation of your home.

The use of a few small shrubs adds a touch of color and keeps the area very environmentally friendly.

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