23 Landscaping Ideas for the Side of Your House

#2 Create Your Own Feng Shui

Improve the flow of energy along the side of your house

The side of your home is the perfect place for this particular landscaping idea for side of house. By creating a natural stone walkway and adding in a wide selection of plants and lattice structures that literally guide you along the garden path, you can create your very own outdoor feng shui that helps to relax you from the stresses of a very busy life.

#3 Shady, Straightforward, and Functional

Angular gardens, straight lines, and shady function

Life doesn’t have to be all curves and swoops, sometimes there is nothing better than good old-fashioned straight lines and thoughtfully laid out gardens. Here we see straight stone paths that lead you directly to places to sit and relax in the shade of your favorite trees.

The small inset gardens can be used to plant shrubs, small areas of grass or cover plants, or even an herb garden that will help keep your kitchen well stocked year-round.

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