21 steps to an amazing garden for beginners

Grow something lovely on bare walls and fences

Provide some support for climbers with trellis or wires (although some plants like ivy and climbing hydrangeas don’t need it) and work out which way your surface is facing and pick something suitable for the conditions and available space.

Height is important

If planting seems to only reach waist- or shoulder-height in part of the garden, consider adding a wooden or metal obelisk. Swathed with climbers, this will add height and interest to a border or the edge of a terrace or deck.

Go for more than one if possible. They can also provide useful symmetry when positioned equidistantly around another feature. Balance the horizontals with verticals.

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Expose your canes

Bamboo isn’t for everyone, but it can provide useful screening and evergreen interest. The clumping sort like phyllostachys doesn’t run and often comes with attractive coloured canes.

It looks infinitely better when you remove the foliage from the bottom third of the canes and thin the canes out a bit, so there’s some ‘air’ between them.

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