19 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Patio

Mosquitos aren’t just “buzz” killers, they’re also a real cause for concern. Between West Nile virus and Zika, keeping mosquitoes at bay could be paramount for keeping you, your family and your pets healthy. The good news is, there are safe, effective and natural ways to keep mosquitoes away from your patio. Enjoy outdoor living all summer long — from dawn to dusk and into the evening — with these 19 natural repellents.

1. Remove any stagnant water

Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water to lay their eggs. They normally infest ponds, marshes, swamps and other wetland habitats. But, they will lay eggs and thrive in various location including that empty flower container filled with stagnant water by your patio. Check your backyard for standing water.

Plates under flowerpots, open garbage and recycling bins, kiddy and pet pools, and even small items like bottle caps can be breeding grounds for mosquitos. To avoid infestation, drain any standing water in the yard. Fresh water sources like ponds can also attract mosquitos, but don’t worry about your pool. If it’s chlorinated, and the filter is working, they’ll stay far away.

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