18 Beautiful, Easy to Maintain Flowers & Plants for Lazy Gardeners (PLUS: Tips for a Low Maintenance Garden!)

If watching Ground Force as a child led you to believe that gardening is a terribly difficult pastime that involves lots of heavy lifting and a flagrant disregard for underwear, chances are you’ve been put off the pursuit for life (and also regularly have nightmares about water features).

However, it needn’t be as tricky as you might think. There are lots of low maintenance plants that will look gorgeous with little to no effort required. Plus, believe it or not, the world of gardening advice is filled with myths that make it appear harder than it really is. For instance, water droplets will almost certainly not burn your plants. (Click here to find out more – and for some more gardening myths debunked.)

We promise that we won’t spout any myths, though – just show you some plants that will reap maximum rewards for minimum effort!


Acting as a fantastic shelter for wildlife and also providing structure to your garden, shrubs are a great low maintenance choice. Consider picking a mixture of shrubs that produce flowers, berries and a range of colours in their foliage to add interest.

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