Is this the maddest Lamborghini yet1

Is this the maddest Lamborghini yet? The 217mph Centenario is revealed in Geneva… and even at £1.64m it’s already sold out

Lamborghini doesn’t do things by halves – and this latest 40-model-only limited edition supercar is the perfect representation of the exotic automaker going back to its bonkers traditions.

Called the Centenario, as you might have guessed it’s a 100-year celebration special – this time to remember company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini who was born in 1916.

Based on the existing Aventador platform, it’s adorned in a jagged-edged carbon fibre body that encases a 759bhp V12 motor. All this bravado comes at a cost, though – well over more than £1m extra on top of the standard car.

While an Aventador will set you back around a quarter of a million, the Centenario makes that figure look like pocket change with a price tag of close £1.64million.

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